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The Apartment Angels Program (Apartment Angels THP, Inc.) helps individuals/families in financial need.  Utilizing support and donations from the Delaware Apartment Association (DAA) members, the program will provide SIX months of FREE RENT to individuals awarded housing through the program.  There is open enrollment twice per year (spring and fall – see “Calendar” below).  Individuals awarded housing are able to move into their free apartment in June and December.

Housing is awarded to individuals/families that have a history of being responsible renters, but became victims of the current economic recession through no fault of their own OR were dramatically or negatively impacted financially by a one-time, life altering event. This program is not intended for individuals that have habitual evictions and a history of habitual collection accounts. This program is intended to greatly reduce the “normal” financial burden of housing, so that individuals participating in the program will have time to reposition themselves financially, in the workforce, and with regards to their rental housing history.

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Please note: Any person that would be residing in the apartment unit, and is over the age of 18, MUST complete and submit a separate application in order to be considered for the Apartment Angels Program.



Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicant(s) must fill out program application.
  2. Applicant(s) must be a Delaware resident in good standing, residing in the state for at least the last 24 months.
  3. Applicant(s) must have no criminal convictions for seven years.
  4. Applicant(s) must pass a comprehensive landlord reference verification process (examination of any previous NON-FINANCIAL lease violations).
  5. Applicant(s) must have been displaced from housing in the last 18 months.
  6. Applicant(s) must not have more than one (1) eviction in the last five years.
  7. Applicant(s) must have limited (non-medical or non-educational) collection accounts on credit report that PRE-DATES the current economic hardship (collections accounts that are more than 24 months old).
  8. Applicant(s) must not exceed the occupancy restrictions of (4) individuals.

Terms & Conditions


Individuals that participate in the Program will be placed in an apartment at a community in the State of Delaware. The intent of the Program is to provide the individuals with a conditional six (6) month rental credit. The six (6) month rental credit will be granted on a month-to-month basis based on the condition that the individuals don’t violate the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, that the individuals don’t engage in inappropriate behavior or disturb the peaceful enjoyment of the apartment home of any other individuals residing at the community, that the individuals don’t engage in any illegal activities, that the individuals maintain their apartment in a good state of preservation and that the individuals meet the standard of conduct of other residents that reside at the community. The rental agreement will be a month-to-month agreement. Anyone that participates in the Program understands and agrees that the landlord may terminate the rental agreement in accordance with the DE Landlord-Tenant Code at any time and at their sole discretion if any of the conditions set forth in this section are violated. At least sixty (60) days prior to the six month anniversary of the rental agreement commencement, landlord will provide written notice to either terminate the rental agreement or to provide a rental agreement renewal or requirement that a new lease be entered. If a rental agreement renewal is sent and/or a new lease required, it will be at the sole discretion of the individual participating in this program to maintain possession of the unit and pay rent or to terminate the rental agreement. In the event that the individual decides to terminate the rental agreement, it must be done in accordance with the DE Landlord-Tenant Code.



Cycle #1

March 1st – Open Enrollment Begins

April 30th – Open Enrollment Ends

May 15th – May 21st – Individuals awarded housing are notified (notification deadline)

June 1st – June 10th – Individuals awarded housing are given possession of the apartment

Cycle # 2

September 1st – Open Enrollment Begins

October 31st – Open Enrollment Ends

November 15th – November 21st – Individuals awarded housing are notified (notification deadline)

December 1st – December 10th – Individuals awarded housing are given possession of the apartment



How do I apply for the program?
The only way to apply for the program is to fill out the on-line application during open enrollment dates.

Is there anyone that can assist me with the application?
We have partnered with several non-profit charities and state agencies.  If you are working with a charity or state agency, they may likely be aware of the program and they can provide you assistance with the application.  If you need assistance, please contact one of the following:  YMCA – (302) 256-6136, Sunday Breakfast Mission – (302) 652-8314, Family Promise – (302) 998-2222, The Latin American Community Center – (302) 655-7338, Catholic Charities – 302-655-9624.

How will I know that you received my application?
When you fill out the online application, you must provide an email address.  An automatic confirmation notice will be sent to the email you provide once the application is submitted.  If you don’t have an email address, you may contact one of the charitable partners listed above and they will allow you to utilize their email address as the email contact.  They will be able to inform you of the confirmation.

When (and how) will I get updates regarding the status of my application?
If your application doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements, we will send you notification of denial by email and by USPS.  Otherwise, you will not receive any update regarding your status until the notification deadline (click the “Calendar” tab for the notification deadline dates).  At the notification deadline, applicants being awarded housing will be (preferably) contacted by phone and applicants not being awarded housing will receive notification of denial by email and USPS.

If I am awarded housing through the Program, what will I need to do and when will I be able to move-in?
Once applicants being awarded housing are notified, we will coordinate and assist with all the steps that are required to take possession of the apartment.  Please click the “Calendar” tab to see the dates that you would be able to take possession of the apartment.

How do you decide who is awarded housing and can I do anything to improve my chances?
This is a merit-based program that maintains strict compliance with Fair Housing Laws. All applicants that meet the eligibility requirements are reviewed. Housing is awarded to those that demonstrate the most compelling hardship and need. The most important factor to improve the chances of being awarded housing through this program is to be 100% truthful when filling out the application. Please be aware that we unfortunately have limited housing available through the program and that most applicants for this program will not be awarded housing.

Can this program provide Emergency Housing?
No.  This is a transitional housing program.  If you are in need of emergency shelter, please contact one of our charitable partners listed above.



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